Sunwarrior is proud to introduce you to our Tribe of Influencers. It’s important to us that our customers feel well informed so we built a team of creative geniuses. We seek out the professionals, the experts, the taste makers and the connoisseurs so that you don’t miss a thing!

Between athletes, yogis, nutritionists, plant-based chefs, artists, and social media stars we have got you covered! It’s our mission to illuminate body, mind and planet and we can’t do it alone. Let’s meet the tribe.

Erin Stancyk

Erin's Morning Routine

Erin Stanczyk

Certified Health & Life Style Coach and Fitness Instructor

Erin & Dusty Stanczyk are certified health & lifestyle coaches and creators of the lifestyle brand, EatMoveRest. Together with their little man, Mr. Max, and their Bernese Mountain Dog, Beau, they inspire and empower others to get back to the basics, by doing the 3 things we all do every day, better—eat, move, and rest!

You can find the plant-powered fam blending, juicing, and chopping on YouTube and their other social media platforms, and in their free time, they enjoy traveling, hosting dinner gatherings, workshops, events, and retreats around the world!

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Thomas DeLauer

Health and Fitness Author, and Business/Health Optimization Coach

Thomas passionately promotes and educates on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle in hopes he can help change dietary guidelines for the united states. He is known internationally as one of the leading experts on the ketogenic diet and his YouTube channel garners over 5 Million views per month as one of the leading health education resources on the internet.

He is known internationally as one of the leading experts on the ketogenic diet and his YouTube channel garners over 5 Million views per month as one of the leading health education resources on the internet.

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Thomas Delauer

Vegan Clean Keto Protein Peptides

Fully Raw Kristina

Best Post Workout Protein Smoothies

Fully Raw Kristina

Raw Vegan Activist

Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram is FullyRaw, a raw vegan health advocate for over 10 years and founder of Rawfully Organic, the nation's largest produce co-operative.

Kristina strives to help others learn to give inspiration, rather than search for it.

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Patricia Manterola

Singer and Actress

Mexican-born singer and actress, Patricia Manterola, is one of the most recognized names among Latinos in the USA, Latin America, and around the world. She's toured the world, starred in the biggest novelettes of all time, hosted the Latin Grammy's, and had three boys in fifteen months (twins birth piggybacking on a natural home water birth!).

She decided to go vegan over 5 years ago and Sunwarrior Warrior Blend has been a staple in her plant-based household ever since!

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Patricia Manterola

Why Choose Our Protein Powders

Tim McComsey

Warrior Blend Protein Powder

Tim McComsey

Personal Trainer and Registered Dietician

Tim McComsey is here to help you reach long-term fitness goals. As a trainer, dietician, owner of TRYM Fitness, published fitness model, and successful competitive athlete, he’s more than qualified.

He manages all of this on a mostly plant-based diet too.

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DJ Cavem

Musician, Activist, and Vegan Chef

DJ Cavem is an educator, emcee, vegan/raw food chef, producer, organic gardener, midwife, graffiti artists, Bboy yogi, environmental activist, the father of Eco HipHop, founder of Going Green Living Bling, and co-founder of Culinary Concerts with Alkemia Earth.

He’s one bad-a O.G. (organic gardener) who uses music to educate and inspire environmental and lifestyle changes toward plant-based living. Look for him, his unique personality, his music, and his food tips on YouTube, The Rachel Ray Show, Tedx, and documentaries about healthy living.

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DJ Cavem

DJ Cavem Moetavation

Mark and Juliana Spicoluk

Puppies & Babies

Mark and Juliana Spicoluk

Digital Yoga Nomads

Boho Beautiful is a travel, yoga and lifestyle brand founded by Juliana and Mark Spicoluk creating positive content for the body, mind and earth..

With content centered around yoga, travel, fitness, vegan food, self-awareness, conscious living and guided meditations, Boho Beautiful has grown to over 1.9 million subscribers on YouTube, 300k+ followers on Instagram, sold tens of thousands of books & programs online, and inspired and been inspired by so many wonderful people from all over the planet.

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Talia Pollock

Plant-Based Chef and Certified Health Coach

Party In My Plants is a colossal collection of non-sucky, totally do-able, non-socially-isolating life improvements brought to you by the bubbly effervescence that is Talia Pollock. She aims to boost healthiness without compromising happiness.

Let her take the HELL out of HELLthy eating!

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Talia Pollock

Tahini Vanilla Superfood Snack

Modern Tarzan

Movement Artists | Valley of Fire

Modern Tarzan

Movement Artist

Nicholas Coolridge is a top competitor on American Ninja Warrior and a well-known movement artist on social media known as ModernTarzan. Currently he’s creating online courses that specialize in his three favorite activities- AcroYoga, Parkour and Handstands!

He believes that exercising should be the most exciting part of your day and should never be seen as a chore. By sharing his passion for movement he hopes it will show others how fun taking care of your body truly is. Remember, “It’s all about the journey not the destination.”

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Travis Brewer

Movement Artist

Travis Brewer is best known for his frequent handstands and amazing moves on NBC’s American Ninja Warrior, but he carries that ninja spirit into everything he does, from Acro Yoga to calisthenics.

His lifestyle, like his workouts, focuses on fluidity and power.

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Travis Brewer

American Ninja Warrior